Ben Smith

Ben SmithBen is a dedicated husband, father, and tax expert.  His interest in business started at a young age when he sold home made cookies door-to-door, held two paper routes, and operated a lawn care business.
At 17 Ben joined the US Army and became a financial specialist.  He served as an NCO in Kuwait and Iraq managing disbursing operations and maintaining a $60 million daily accountability.  He worked closely with Kuwaiti business interests and banks to serve troops financial needs.
Ben spent two years in the construction industry as the CFO of Harvest Homes, LLC.  While at Harvest Homes Ben became intimately aware of the challenges facing small business in navigating the regulatory and tax environment.  He became committed to helping businesses manage their regulatory exposure and relieve them of some of the heavy burdens placed on them.
Ben went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Southern Utah University and a master’s degree in taxation from Golden Gate University.  After four and half years at a regional tax firm in Northern Utah where he gained extensive tax experience in the extraction, real estate, farming, and medical industries he joined the Dave Hall team in 2012.
Ben Smith
Tax Manager