CR Thelin

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CR’s world is marketing, and he has found himself continually evolving with the online world as a marketer, teacher, designer, manager and leader. He is a Graduate of the University of Utah, and he has spent valuable working in Knoxville, Tennessee at a large marketing chain. He is currently the Vice President of Marketing with the Dave Hall Certified Public Accountants and Strategic Business Advisors out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

His best qualities include being a creative leader, thinker, team player, hard worker, and someone who understands that behind every great marketing idea is an important business objective. He is always seeking new technical skills and new solutions.

His capabilities include; marketing, graphic design & web design, strong design skills in print advertising, visual web design, screen printing, video marketing, online advertising, ad mockup, sign design, as well as social media marketing, and WordPress blog design. He is a business coach, podcaster, entrepreneur and he works very hard to manage a creative team for the various companies Dave has his hands on.

CR is a dad, husband, golfer, Tennessee Volunteer fan (who always wears orange), computer geek, PEZ collector, and sport enthusiast. He also raises chickens, and enjoy’s a good garden.

“Life is like riding a bicycle to keep your balance you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein.

CR Thelin