Dave Hall

davehallphoto “Dave Hall started his first successful business when he was only 8 years old and hasn’t turned back since.  It was at this early age that he realized he could accomplish anything he wanted to in life if he put his mind to it. He recalls, “Being raised in a family with five other siblings, a stay at home mom, and a dad who was a laborer meant there was very seldom any extras; therefore, if you wanted anything beyond the necessities you had to work for it.”  So that is just what he did.

Throughout high school and college you could always find Dave selling or promoting something.  Whether it was a t-shirt he had designed, corn he had helped raise each summer on the family farm, food at various community events, auto detailing service, yard services, or dances he and his buddies were sponsoring. After Dave graduated from Southern Utah University with a Master’s in Accounting, he went on to get his CPA license.  From there he and some friends went on to do something that has never been done in Nevada, before or sense.  They went on to build in just 10 short years, one of the top accounting firms in the state. He attributes much of his success to having real life experience in the issues he was consulting his clients on.  Dave says, “It is pretty easy to help a client through a business start-up or a challenging time, when you have been there already yourself.

The biggest problem with must consultants is they have never actually gone through what they are consulting on; therefore, it becomes a challenge to make it real.” In 2010, at the peak of his career, Dave left the large CPA firm he had helped build and went out on his own.  Dave says, “I realized a long time ago life was about more than me, it was about how I could impact others with the skills I had been given.  As a result, I left all of my employees and my big office so I could have more time doing what I loved, which was helping entrepreneurs find success. With a smaller firm, Dave now has less management responsibilities, which gives him the time he needs to set down and customize strategic business plans for entrepreneurs all over the country.”

Dave Hall, CPA