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I run a Design Company in St George and I have built multiple business websites, everything from 1 page business card type sites through to ecommerce stores with a thousand items. By dealing with so many business owners, big and small I have seen some common threads and here are my tips for you if you are about to get a website built for your business.

Your Website Is A Tool
Like any good tool you should take the time to learn at  least the basics. Be willing to spend the money to buy the right tool (website) and maintain it.

Spend Time On It
When a web designer asks you to list five sites you like the look of it is so they can find ideas for your site design, not just to annoy you. Your website is important and taking the time to find the right info for your designer is important. All to often I see companies pass off the responsibility for the website to the lowest member of staff they can. Why would you pass what could be a major sales tool for your business off to someone who earns minimum wage?

Words Matter
When you think about a website you may well be thinking of the colors and the design, what photos to include and all these are important. However the one area that always gets left out is the wording, search engines (and customers) learn what your site is about by reading the words on the page.

If you are a plumber who specializes in repairing drains make sure you put that on the website, if you are a vet who has lots of knowledge about Llamas make that a feature of your site. Google can only decide when to show your website to people if you tell them what your business is. When someone goes looking for a Dr for their Llama they will only find you if you mention it on your website.

Take the time to write content for your website, no matter how good a web developer you use (and we are good) there is no way that I can ever know as much about your business as you do. Let your knowledge and enthusiasm shine through in your website content and your customers will feel it. Yes we can help, but you really need to be part of the process.

Not Set And Forget
Your website represents your company, so if you change phone numbers, have a new special offer, offer a new service or employ new staff put it on your website. Do not just look on it as an extra cost, look on it as an investment in your business.

Ask Questions and Answer Them
Your time is valuable, but so is mine, make sure that you not only ask questions but that you answer them. If you give the designer the information they need then you will get the best site possible.

My last tip is to talk about what you want to achieve with your site, unless you know why you want a website you will never be happy with it.

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Paul Forcey is a webmaster, Seo geek and internet Entrepreneur who enjoys guest posting to share information.

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