Looking to Grow Your Business Presence Online? It is Time to Call for “Yelp”

url-1Summary:  Having prominence on local review websites is important for businesses.  We look at Yelp and want it offers businesses and consumers.

Yelp.com was created to allow businesses to advertise locally, targeting a huge population in the region where the company is in operation.  Retailers, service businesses, and organizations can benefit from sharing their business facts on Yelp’s website for free.  Customer reviews are noticed by Google and other search engines, increasing traffic flow to the company’s online web pages.

Creating a Yelp Business Account

Business owners can simply sign up for an account with Yelp and then start placing information about their company on the local pages.  Yelp charges for business advertisement, but the benefits of a business account are numerous. The account holder can check the monthly stats for visitors, link visitors to the actual company website, and incorporate Yelp mobile apps to aid local customers who are searching for a certain type of business or product.

Yelp also has a messaging service that allows account holders to contact site visitors and answer questions they may have about the company, its products, or anything else.   There is also the search engine optimization benefit of a strong presence on Yelp.  Being on Yelp can be an effective means of gaining local customer traffic.

Customer Reviews and Comments

Yelp pages allow visitors to add comments and reviews to the company listings.  This is extremely important information for retailers, restaurants, hotels and motel managers, and merchandisers.  One of the best ways for a business owner to find out if anything concerning the company is in need of shoring up is to see what the buying public has to say.

Advertising on Google has become a much different game than it was just a few years ago.  Companies that desire a front-page ranking cannot rely on direct search traffic and advertisement relevancy.  Instead, focusing on things like customer reviews and comments is now a priority.  This is because the search engines take more factors into their algorithm, even if the company is mentioned only in passing on a social or business networking site.

A Growing Audience

Yelp is one of the most effective online means of getting the word out to the local public because it is one of the most popular websites when it comes to reviews for products and services.  Approximately 90 million unique viewers check out at least one business on Yelp each and every month and the numbers are increasing.

When business consultants advise clients to expand their exposure via the Internet, Yelp is often a component of that strategy.  The companies that are active on Google, have Google+ Local Pages, link their business on Facebook, and create a page on Yelp, and other social sharing sites, are in a better position to increase their sales.

Jason Nelson of Ascent Internet, a Utah online marketing company, contributed this article.  You can reach Jason through his website at www.ascentinternet.com.

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