No One Is An Expert At Everything

One of the temptations when you are starting your own business is to do everything yourself. It often seems like the cheapest and easiest way to get things done, after all who knows your business like you do?

The real problem comes when you are trying to do everything that actually goes into building a business, these are just the tasks that come to mind

  • Sales Calls
  • Fulfillment¬†(making the products, ordering them, servicing clients)
  • Dealing with the phones – customers asking about deliveries, pre sale questions, solving problems for customers, suppliers calling about deliveries, people trying to sell you things
  • Business maintenance – office work, keeping your office space clean and working
  • Marketing – If you don’t do any marketing how can you get new clients, no new clients = no more business
  • Customer Maintenance – If you do not keep in touch with your clients, even when you are not doing any work for them there is a chance they will become someone elses client

When my wife needed someone to come out and check our garden and house for Termites she went online and called the first three companies that are listed for Termite inspections in our area. Why did she call three companies? Because the first two never answered their phones and she felt under pressure to at least get some advice right away even if she couldnt get someone to the house right away.

If you are in the kind of business where you work from your own vehicle and most business is done on a cell phone it makes sense that when you are on an appointment you do not want to answer your phone. Rather than bumping every call to your voicemail have them forwarded to a real person. In my experience customers are more likely to leave a message with a live person versus a voicemail.

If you are a one person business maybe you can forward them to your spouse, if you do not have a spouse consider a phone answering service. The costs involved with a phone service will not be dramatic (and a lot cheaper than getting a spouse) and the increase in customers will easily offset any costs.

Don’t Be A Hero
Part of growing your business is employing staff or outsourcing part of your daily work to others, trying to be the “do everything” guy will only result in you being to exhausted to do anything. If you get the right help then you can grow your business without increasing your stress level. Start off with part time staff or contract workers and find your comfort zone.

Once you have found your comfort zone then you can get ready to push beyond it

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