Starting A Business For The Stay At Home Mom

Starting a business can be hard and interesting work, a lot like starting a family I suppose.  Add in being a mother with young children still needing a lot of attention and you are going to have to become a wizard at organization and getting back on task quickly.

Anyone who has or has had small children knows they can take a lot of care and attention.  If you are lucky, you might have children who are fairly self sufficient once they reach about the age of 5 but there are those who still demand attention.  As they enter pre-school and kindergarten you will have time available to be able to work on your business uninterrupted.  But what do you do if they aren’t school age yet?

This is where good time management and organizational skills come in handy.  Of course, many stay at home moms trying to create a business will use those lovely spells when the children are actually asleep to get some work done.  With very young children this can work.  At least it can once they are sleeping through the night and you are no longer so sleep deprived you must use those nap periods to catch up on your own sleep.

As the kids get older and start taking shorter naps or give up on them altogether, you will have to resort to other techniques to get your work done.  The first is to either get up earlier than your children to work or to work after they have gone to bed for the night.  This might net you an extra hour or two a day and many a fine business has been built in just such a manner till the children got older.

If you do only get an hour or two a day to work you must focus even more intently than you normally would. You do not have time for surfing the net and admiring the latest   videos of a cat dancing the macarana. Unless of course that is part of your business.

Be Organized
Another technique is to be so organized with your work that you can easily set it down to attend your child and then pick it back up once the matter has been attended to.  One way to accomplish this is to create checklists of every activity you do in your business.  When you must stop to attend the kids, use some type of marker to indicate what step you are on so it is easier to pick up where you left off.

Of course, maybe one of the best techniques is to plan to have your husband pull some child duty time on the weekends or in the evening when he is home.  After all, children benefit from one on one time with Daddy.

If that doesn’t work out for some reason try using some of your income to get a babysitter for a few hours one day, or maybe two, a week.  Yes, you may be home with your children because you think it is best that you raise them, but doing well in your business will be good for both you and them.

Think of the extras that time spent on and growing your business will mean to what you can provide for the children.  Remember, too, that one day, as hard as it may be to see now, those children will grow up and leave home.  What kind of memories will they have and what kind of life will you have once this happens if you don’t build your business?

Life Work Balance
This has always been the hardest things for women who have children and want to work or start a business. Balancing out the needs of family and the needs of your business or work is always going to be a struggle but it will be worth it.

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