Unhappy Customers Can Be A Good Thing

I know it sounds crazy but having unhappy customers can be a good thing for your business. Now to explain that more, not everyone who is unhappy adds value. Some people are just going to want to browbeat you about everything and anything and there is little you can do to change that.

If you have a customer who is unhappy with your product, and will tell you why they are unhappy and give some ideas on how to improve the product then it can help you improve your product for future releases. You will never be able to keep everyone happy all the time and adding an expensive update to your product which really only applies to one person can push your company over the edge.

The art is to be able to sift out the real issues, some people will call and complain when they are having a bad day. If they had bought your product the day before when all was sweetness and light they would never have called. This can be really tough to work out and you do need to listen to every complaint and balance it out.

Do They Have A Point?
You need to be honest with yourself, it can be hard to see any truth when someone is shouting at you. But once you have dealt with the situation take some time to sit and review the complaints. Look on each complaint as an opportunity to learn something about your business and how your customers view it.

Not Everyone Who Is Unhappy Complains
Remember that not everyone who buys or uses a product and is unhappy with it will complain. Sometimes people just make do with what they have and vow to never  use it again. They may well tell others about their bad experience but never call you to complain. This is why you can never assume that just because you got 5 calls only those 5 people are unhappy.

Can’t Please Them All
While it is true that you can not please all the people all the time this does not mean that you should ever stop trying. When you stop trying your business is on a downward spiral and that is not going to end anywhere positive.

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