Use a Little Bit of Land to Start a Business

make money with landIf you live on some land and need some extra money coming in, there are options for starting a business that other people also desiring more income lack.  Starting a farming based business does not require hundreds or even thousands of acres.  You can create a nice little business off even a small piece of land where ordinances don’t preclude doing so.

Check Ordinances
Let’s start our look at making money off your land, however big or small it is, by first realizing you may need to check your local ordinances to determine what is allowed.  Yes, it may seem crazy that some regulation can keep you from doing whatever it is you plan with your own property but it does happen.  Generally the idea is the regulations are there to protect people.  The validity of that claim can best be addressed in an opinion blog so it will not be covered in this article.  Just be sure that what you ultimately decide upon is legal in your area, you do not want to do lots of work and then find that you have to close it all down due to local regulations.

You Can Start Small
While it would be nice to have at least five acres to carry out some of the suggestions in this article, some can be done on as little as a few hundred square feet if you are determined and organized.  You do have to realize that a lack of space will make it much harder to scale up your business and plan for that eventuality once you find what you like to do and what has the potential to make the income you want.  This might include renting land from someone else or buying a larger parcel yourself.

While starting a business in the farming area, you might think you are limited to either raising some kind of animals or raising some type of plant, don’t neglect the entertainment aspects of farming that are available.  Perhaps the ones most known around Halloween are the pumpkin patch, the corn maze or a haunted corn maze.  A really good corn maze can be done on three to five acres and a well done pumpkin patch grown more with gardening in mind rather than farming principles can easily be created on one acre.

If you do a corn maze during late summer then you can get extra use out of it by turning it into a haunted maze in October. If you have any teenagers in the family they will love the opportunity to dress up and scare people as they go round the maze. Do not forget that there are more ways to make money than just the entrance fee, sell snacks, have a few animals in one area and charge a $1 or 2 for the little kids (who won’t care about the maze) to enjoy it.

People Will Pay For Peace and Quiet
Think of other ways you can provide entertainment to customers.  Perhaps just a restful place to spend a weekend where they can play with baby animals and soak in the country atmosphere will be just the ticket for your business. Is there a local horse riding school, or a fishing lake which you can work with to plan a whole day for people.

Many parents will be only to happy to pay for a summer camp where their kids get to spend the morning/day with animals and doing fun things in the dirt.

Add Value
Whatever you do decide to grow as part of your business, the best way to make more money is to provide a value added aspect to your product.  By this, I mean don’t just sell milk as conventional dairy farmers do.  Instead turn your milk into artisanal cheeses or ice cream.  If you raise minor or rare breeds of livestock rather than those raised by conventional farmers, you may have another benefit to add to your marketing.  For instance, some minor breeds of cattle have a higher percentage butterfat in their milk making the products you create that much better.

People will pay more for anything “organic” or “free range” , you will be able to grow less fruit or breed less chickens but the produce will go for a higher price. If everyone is selling chicken eggs, look at raising ducks or turkeys, try to be different from the norm.

There are lots of resources available from small farming magazines and even some gardening magazines that will give you additional ideas and guidance.  Start with what you think you would enjoy doing for years and start off small.  The good thing about a small farming business or many small businesses is that you can start with doing a little bit of it and then upscale as you gain experience, knowledge and income.

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