Living Trust

livingtrustboxOne of the best things you can do for your beneficiaries is to make sure you have a living trust in place when you pass. By doing this, it will help make sure that not only are all of your wishes carried out, but that your estate will not have to go through probate. (which can cost up to 10% of your total assets)

We offer the ability to have a living trust set-up in all 50 states without having to pay the high attorney fees that are usually associated with trust work. With our simple four step system you can have your living trust set up in no time. First, you pay for the living trust. Second, we help you fill out a living trust questionnaire. Third, our trust professionals draft your living trust documents. Fourth, in about a week your living trust is finalized and you are sent a copy.

So what are you waiting for? Do the right thing for your beneficiaries by setting up a living trust today. If you have questions regarding this service, please feel free to contact our office.