December 2014

Time to Get on Santa’s Nice List!

Santa has 5 tips to help you and your business continue to thrive this holiday season 


Are You Ready to Rethink Your Business in 2015?

It’s time to take the Prosperity Challenge and change your financial lives forever. In order to participate in the challenge you need to have 3 things. 1- Passion for your business 2- A willingness to stay productive 3- Have a desire to make your financial success a priority. 

The In’s and Out’s of Obamacare

Are you confused about Obamacare and the effects it will continue to have on you and your business? 
Ben Smith who is the Tax Manager at Dave Hall Certified Public Accounts and Strategic Business Advisors shares the in’s and out’s of Obamacare.  Three main groups are effected by Obamacare – the individual, the small business owner and the large employer and what Obama Care means to each of them. (Read More…)


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