Rethink Your Business

14: Increasing Online Traffic


In episode 14 Dave talks with Steve Brownlie, who is the Director of Consulting Services for, and is one of the world’s top experts on real internet marketing.  In this show Steve talks about a number of key things that every business owner can do if they want to increase their online traffic.  He also shares with our listeners the importance of gaining a basic education on internet marketing so you can better protect yourself when it comes time to contract with a provider who offers internet marketing services. [...] Read More


13: Modernprenuer: Makers and Creators of the Business Worldcraigcarpenterpodcasts


In episode 13, Dave talks with Craig Carpenter a creative professional who has taken on makers and creators in his podcast Craig speaks with Dave about his journey through his successful photography business that was location based, a musician contract short lived and his creative animation side.  [...] Read More

12: Learn How to Own Your Schedule


In episode 12, Dave Hall speaks with Ellory Wells the entrepreneur, business coach, podcaster, and best selling author. Ellory shares how his beginning focus shifted after he started his journey to personal development. He talks about all the information that is available online to entrepreneurs and shares two key ideas to help sift through it all.  [...] Read More


11: Cyber Security and How to Protect Your Business


In episode 11, Dave Hall speaks with Dixon Leavitt an Account Executive from The Leavitt Group. In this interview they dive right into the concerns with the cyber security that hit major companies such as Target, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, and TJ Maxx. It’s safe where you swipe your card at the store, and at the processor, but these groups (Hackers) found the pathway in the process from a third party vendor.  [...] Read More


10: Embrace Positive Changes in Business

drbrayIn episode 10, Dave Hall speaks with Dr. CK Bray the world’s leading career expert. Dr. Bray spends his life helping improve the world by working with individuals and organizations who want to make positive change, but are not fully prepared to do so. Dr. Bray discusses the importance of communicating with your staff prior, during and after changes are made.  [...] Read More


9: Success in Business Often Depends on How You Finish This Statement:  So I can….



In episode 9, Dave Hall speaks with Tim Paige Conversion Editor for LeadPages the internets easiest “next generation” lead generation platform.  As an expert marketer, Tim spends his time educating entrepreneurs on how they can use analysis to implement more effective marketing campaigns. [...] Read More


8: Looking For Success? Be Yourself with Chris Cerrone

Chris Cerrone Show

In episode 8, Dave Hall speaks with Chris Cerrone from The Chris Cerrone Show.  Chris launched his first podcast on itunes just three months ago and he has already had over 200,000 downloads.  Chris admits that even he isn’t sure where this is all going to end up, but for now he is enjoying the ride and the instant popularity his podcast has brought him.  [...] Read More


7:Your Brand Should Represent Your Core Values

Naike-HechemIn episode 7, Dave Hall speaks with Naike Hechem from Beyond Plan B a company that helps individuals and businesses create their own successful brand. Naike is fluent in 4 languages (in native Spanish, English, Italian and French) and uses each of these languages to help her continue the international growth of her business.  [...] Read More


6: Rich Mom helps you become successful business “Besties” renae-christine

In episode 6, Dave Hall speaks with Renae Christine who is the founder of one of the internet’s top online business consulting sites, Renae started this business out of her home in 2012 and has turned it into a destination for women who are looking to start an at-home business and need professional guidance.  [...] Read More


5: The Wahls Protocol proves that it doesn’t always require large changes to see remarkable improvementWahls

In episode 5, Dave Hall speaks with Dr. Terry Wahls who was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and was told she was never going to walk again and that her health would deteriorate.  In this podcast you will learn how Dr. Wahls not only proved her doctors wrong by using her own resource to change the way the world looks at solving chronic Autoimmune disease. [...] Read More


4: Don’t Be Afraid of Being Different (Find Your Niche in Business)johnleedumas

In episode 4, Dave Hall talks with John about how he grew his podcast vision into a 6 figure a month business in just a year. John shares how his leadership in the Military helped him when he retuned home to civilian life. John discusses his journey in the corporate world and we also learn how he gets a weeks worth of podcast completed in one day. [...] Read More


3: He Came, He Saw, He Invented — Michael Crowley Keeps the Ball Rolling in Business


In episode 3, Dave Hall speaks with Mike about how as a team they created a smart sensor basketball called the 94fifty, capable of measuring and analyzing athletic performance. This tool has literally revolutionized the way athletic performance improvement is taught and viewed by players and sports fans. [...] Read More


2: Choosing the Right Entity Formation


In episode 2, Dave Hall speaks with Lonny Weissman, one of the country’s leading experts on entity formation and asset protection. Over the last 15 years, Lonny has helped thousands of business owners protect themselves by selecting and organizing the correct entity structure.[...] Read More


1: Rethink Your Business


In episode 1, Dave Hall shares wisdom gleaned from years of failures and successes as an entrepreneur. He brings in his Vice President of Marketing, CR Thelin to talk about what companies are facing today and the pitfalls that continually hurt businesses.  [...] Read More