Rethink Your Business Las Vegas

E:51 The Human Resources Handbook of Success


Rebekah talks with Dave in episode 51 about the Evolution of HR:
• Administrative to Consulting
• Policing to Partnering
• Reactive to Proactive
• Operational to Strategic
They also talk about seeing new clients. Rebekah says “When we meet with a client we go in full guns glazing for what we call an HR Needs Analysis.” They talk about what they find from most employees and employers, changes employers should make and her ultimate goal is to help you find the best place to work with.

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E:50 The Power of Self Promotion



For our 50th show we brought in one of Las Vegas’s top entrepreneurs, Wayne Allyn Root. In this show Wayne shares with us his story of success, and how one life threatening event back when he was in high school ended up changing his life forever.

Wayne also talks about the importance of a good attitude and how anyone can be successful if they will just learn the power of self-promotion. If you are ready to rethink your way to success, you are not going to want to miss episode 50!…

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E:49 Las Vegas QuickBooks Classes



Are you using QuickBooks to not only keep track of your accounting, but also as a tool to manage your business? If not, you are not going to want to miss Episode 49. Dave took the opportunity of talking with Stephanie White who is the Director of Bookkeeping for Dave Hall Certified Public Accountants and Strategic Business Advisors about her QuickBooks training classes…

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E:48 Say Cheese! Setting Up Your Own Photo Booth Business


Say cheese!! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to open a new business where you didn’t know anyone? In episode 48 Dave talks with Jil Borchers who after moving to Las Vegas from Chicago decided to open her new business, Celebrity Photobooth. In this show Jil talks about how hard it was to get started in a city she knew nothing about, yet how amazed she was at how many people were there willing to help her. She talks about why photo booths have become so popular at events, and why people find them so much fun to take pictures in. After listening to to this episode you will have a whole new passion for your business…

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E:47 Social Creativity: Creating a New Non-Profit Company

mikejohnsonimage As a business owner you know the importance of collaboration and sharing ideas with other people, but did you know there is a new non-profit in town that has created a safe platform for kids to share their ideas and to grow from each other? In Episode 47 Dave talks with Michael Johnson about his new non-profit organization Mike shares with us his vision for this site and how he hopes it will become the leading site for youth to share their talents and ideas. Mike concludes the show by talking about how others can get involved to help mybmbl reach its goals. This is a great show for those that are ready to rethink their commitment to local non-profits…

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E:46 Building Businesses Across America

Samanthaimage Have you ever thought it was a challenge to build a business in your own backyard? Try building one in over 40 cities throughout America in less than 5 years. That is exactly what James Miller and Samantha Ballenger have done with Network After Work. In episode 46 Dave talks with Samantha about the process of going from their first event in Chicago, to where they are today. Samantha talks about the journey and shared some great insights for anyone who is ready to go out and change the world. She also shares some key insights on how each of us can get more out of any our next networking event…

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E:45 The In’s and Out’s of Obamacare

benimage Are you confused about Obamacare and the effects it will continue to have on you and your business? Then you are not going to want to miss today’s show. In episode 45 Dave talks with Ben Smith who is the tax manager at Dave Hall Certified Public Accounts and Strategic Business Advisors about the in’s and out’s of Obamacare. During the main part of the show Ben talks about the three main groups effected by Obamacare – the individual, the small business owner and the large employer and what Obamacare means to each of them….

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E:44 Factoring Your Receivables

davecabralimage Could your business use some extra money? Are you feeling like you are cash strapped? Then you are not going to want to miss episode 44. Dave talks with Dave Cabral who is the President of Business Finance Corporation, the only factoring company that is based out of Las Vegas. Dave shares why factoring has become such a great option for many growing businesses and Dave helped clear up many of the misconceptions that exist about factoring…

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E:43 Live From the Las Vegas Job Fair

jobertise In episode 43 Dave takes his show to the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino where he attended the Job Fair. You are going to learn first hand about the importance of job fairs and how they are not only good for those in need of a job, but how they can become a critical part of the hiring process for those companies who are in need of qualified employees…

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E:42 Getting Paid From Happy Clients

evonimage Are you struggling to collect your accounts receivable on a timely basis, than you need to listen to episode 42. In this show Dave talks with Evon Stevenson who is the Las Vegas Revenue Cycle Manager for Transworld Systems. They talk about how most businesses do not do the one main thing that will almost always guarantee they get paid and how Transworld Systems has created a process to make sure it gets done…

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E:41 Branding Your Business 

brandingbusiness If you are looking for a fun innovative way to grow your business, then you are not going to want to miss this show. In episode 41 I have the opportunity of talking with Deb Shaffer who is an Independent Sales Rep for Halo Branded Solutions. In our show Deb and I talk about promotional products, or swag, and how it can be used to help in the branding of any business

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E:40 Success in the Food Truck Business

andrewimage   Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own a business that’s main focus is grilled cheese sandwiches?  Okay, probably not, but after you hear Andrew Schoenweter’s story of how he started Melteez, you hopefully will be one step closer to taking that crazy idea you have been working on out to the market

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E:39 Work on Your Business and Not in Your Business

bradmishlove Are you ready to go from working 90 hours a week in your business to only working 40 hours a week in your business, because instead of spending all of your time working in your business you are now taking time to work on your business? Then you are not going to want to miss episode episode 39. Dave talks with Brad Mishlove who is an extremely successful entrepreneur and is the founder of Catapult Groups and very creative and effective CEO consulting business. In this show they talk about how group consulting can be used as a masterful tool to help you not only expand your own abilities, but to build relationships with others who are passionate about helping you achieve your dreams…

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E:38 Is a Staffing Agency Right for Your Business?

Jasonimage   In episode 38 Dave talks with Jason Bruckman who is the Regional Vice President for Eastridge, they are a national staffing agency that has four offices in the Las Vegas market. In the show they talk about how it really isn’t that expensive to use a staffing agency to hire your people when you consider the true cost of hiring them yourself….

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E:37 Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce

CaraClarke   By now most of us know the Smith Center for the Performing Arts is an amazing place that offers a variety of performances on a regular basis in one of their three theaters, but what you may not know, is that the Smith Center is now the new home for the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce. In episode 37 Dave talks with Cara Clarke, who is the Sr. Director of Communications for the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce about why they picked this location and how it is such a good fit for the members of the chamber…

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E:36 Being Transparent in Business


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be completely naked in front of everyone you meet, than you are not going to want to miss this show.  Dave had the opportunity of talking with Joe Swinger who is one of the most transparent people he has ever met.  They talked about Joe’s new book “Beans of Wisdom” and how he has used his past life of being homeless to help inspire all of those who read his book

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E:35 Taking Your Business to the Next Level

olivierimage Are you ready to take your business to the next level, but still haven’t come up with that secret ingredient to take you there than you are not going to want to miss what Olivier has to say.  In episode 35 Dave talks with Oliver Morowati who is the general partner for Popped a locally owned and operated gourmet popcorn business.  Oliver shares with us how they use liquid nitrogen to help elevate the experience for their customers….

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E:34 From Grass Roots to a Successful Business

rachelimage If you are a business owner who is ready to get inspired by a local entrepreneur who is changing the world we live in on a daily basis, you are not going to want to miss today’s show. In episode 34 Dave had the opportunity of talking with Rachel Cohen who is the co-founder of an awesome local business called BluMarble. You will also learn how BluMarble is helping to keep almost 20,000 glass bottles out of our landfills on a monthly basis….

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E:33 Commercial Real Estate is on the Rise

brandonimage In episode 33 Dave talks with Brandon Wiegand, who is the Executive Vice President of Acquisitions and Sales for Focus Commercial Group, a local commercial real estate company. During the show, Brandon talks about the local real estate market and how it is continuing to improve. He also walks us through the process of purchasing a piece of commercial real estate and what is involved. If you are interested in commercial real estate in any way, this is a great show for you….

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E:32 Henderson Business Connection Expo

HendersonChamber   In episode 32 Dave takes his podcast on the road. Dave had the opportunity to cover the Henderson Business Connection Expo. Dave interviewed the Henderson Chamber of Commerce and several businesses that were at the event…

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E:31 How to Make Your Clients Smile

joelstokesimage In episode 31 you will learn what it takes to build and maintain a successful business from Dr. Joel Stokes, who is the founder of Eastern Canyon Dental, which has been locally owned and operated for over 30 years.  Dr. Stokes opened Eastern Canyon Dental back in 1982, and he hasn’t looked back since.  For those of you who were here during that time, you will recognize some of the casino’s they talked about during the show such as the Showboat, the Dunes and the Sahara, for those of you who weren’t you will come to realize how much this city has changed over the last 30 years…

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E:30 Breaking the Mold to Become a Champion

robertimage Episode 30: Dave talks with Robert Drysdale a world champion Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter who runs Robert Drysdale Jiu-Jitsu Academy/Gym in Las Vegas. Robert is an amazing individual not only as a fighter but as a man. He shares his story of becoming a world champion, the rise of his sport and how you can also get in better shape…

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E:29 Network.Learn.Pitch

GetStarted In episode 29 Dave takes his podcast on the road. Dave had the opportunity to cover the Get Started Vegas Pitch event held at the the Rain Nightclub (Palms). Dave started out the night talking with Cody Sims of Cox Communications. Cox and have teamed up to give one lucky business a $15,000 prize based on the best business plan/pitch.

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E:28 Buying a Perfect Home in Downtown Las Vegas

Karinaimage If you are looking for a new home and haven’t considered the downtown area, you are not going to want to miss this show. In episode 28 Dave talks with Karina Giraldo, a native Las Vegan, who specializes on selling and leasing downtown residential properties. They talk about some of the exciting changes that are going on downtown and what the downtown area needs in order to be fully sustainable.

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E:27 Video Marketing is Vital to Your Business

brianOneyimage In episode 27 Dave has the opportunity of talking with Brian Oney, who is the COO of BizVid, they are a local business video production and marketing company. They talk about how video has become one of the most effective ways to market a business, and how it can be done without breaking the bank.

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E:26 Group Benefits Are Back

jeffallenimageIn episode 26 Dave talks with Jeff Allen, who is a Producer with the Leavitt Group. They talk about group benefits and how many businesses are bringing them back now because the economy is turning around. Jeff talks about the three main reasons companies offer group benefits. The first is because they want to grow, the second is because they want to retain their employees and the third is because they want to be nice.

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E:25 Changing the Healthcare landscape in Las Vegas (HEALS)


In episode 25, Doug Geinzer, the CEO of Las Vegas HEALS (Health Education Advocacy Leadership of Southern Nevada), had the opportunity of talking with Dave Hall about a very exciting change that HEALS is bringing about in the Las Vegas market.  What HEALS is doing is working with a number of other organizations to turn Las Vegas into a medical tourism destination.

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E:24 Technology Improves Interaction with Clients


If you are into technology that is changing the way we do business not only in Las Vegas, but throughout the world, you are not going to want to miss episode 24.  Dave Hall had the opportunity of speaking with Mike Yoder who is the creator of Alice Receptionist, which Dave personal votes as the most innovative office product to hit our offices in the last 3 years.

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E:23 Get Organized.Stay Focused


Episode 23 is a must listen to for any business owner who is struggling to stay organized and productive. Dave interviewed Amber De La Garza a productivity specialist who shared with us the importance of staying focused when it comes to reaching your productivity goals. She talked about how easy it is to get distracted and why once you are organized it is important to keep on a maintenance schedule.

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E:22 Why Disability Insurance and Long-Term Care Insurance Is Important?


In episode 22 Dave had the opportunity of talking with Kris Kemmer, who is the Agency Manager for the Southern Nevada Territory of Country Financial.  Although Country Financial is a full service risk management company that offers numerous types of insurance, they spent this show focusing on the two insurances Dave believe most business owners don’t know enough about, nor understand their importance.

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E:21 Learn the Importance of Obtaining Property and Casualty Insurance for Your Business


In episode 21 Dave had the opportunity of talking with Chad North, who is the owner of North and Associates, they are an independent Nationwide insurance office. They talked about the importance of obtaining property and casualty insurance for your business and some of the key things you should be going over with your insurance agent when you discuss your own coverage.

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E:20 Protect Your Three Main Assets

davidhowardimage   In episode 20 Dave had the opportunity of talking to David Howard, who is the owner of one of the top security firms in our value, Unity One, Inc. In this podcast they talked about the three main assets every business owner needs to protect, which includes their intellectual property, their physical property and their cash.David shared some very simple and inexpensive things that can be done to help protect each of these assets.

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E:19 Better Speakers Become Better Leaders

LindaBown In episode 19 Dave Hall had the opportunity of talking with Linda Bown who is the District 33 Division D Governor with Toastmasters international.  In this show they talk about how Toastmasters is not only a club that will help you become a more confident public speaker, it will also help you become a better leader.

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E:18 Get Your Whole Team Focusing on a More Healthy Heart

victorimage   In episode 18 Dave took the opportunity of interviewing Victor Arredondo with the American Heart & Stroke Association, an organization that has been helping make America a more healthy place since 1924.  In this show they not only talk about the great events the Association has upcoming in the Las Vegas valley, but they also talk about how your business can get involved in making our community a more healthy place on a daily basis…

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E:17 Protect Yourself From Employee Issues

clintconnorimage In episode 17 Dave talks with Clint Connor who is an expert in employee management. They talk about ways business owners can better protect their assets by being more responsible for how they work with and treat their employees.

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E:16 Start Preparing NOW to Sell Your Business

firstchoice If you own a business, or are looking to own a business, you are not going to want to miss todays show. In episode 16 Dave had the opportunity of talking with Jeff and Linda Nyman who are the owners of Nevada’s largest business broker, First Choice Business Brokers. They talked about why “NOW” is the right answer for when you should start preparing to sell your business…

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E:15 The LVCVA Helps Make Las Vegas a Global Destination

Adrianimage In episode 15 Dave talks with Adrian Matanza who is the Senior Director of Community Relations and Public Affairs at the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.  They talked about the important roll tourism continues to have on our local economy and how Nevada would be devastated were tourism to stop….

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E:14 Estate Planning and Asset Protection for Las Vegas Business OwnersDavidGrantImage

In episode 14 local Las Vegas attorney, David Grant shares with us the key ideas we need to know as business owners about current estate laws and how important trusts are for not only estate planning, but also for asset protection….

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E:13 Lending is Back on the Rise in Las Vegas

sarahguindy In Episode 13 Dave had the opportunity of talking with one of Las Vegas’s top business bankers, Sarah Guindy from Bank of Nevada. She shared some great news we have been waiting for now for some time and that is the fact there is once again plenty of money to lend for qualified borrowers…

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E:12 Understanding Electronic Payment Processing

daniellesealesimage In episode 12 Dave talked with Danielle Seales from MLS Direct Networking, they are national co-op of independent business owners who specialize in providing cost effective electronic payment processing solutions….

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E:11 Rethink the Way You Live and Work in Downtown Las Vegas

kimschaeferimage In episode #11 Dave talks with Kim Schaefer of the Downtown Project. A $350 million startup founded by Tony Hsieh of Zappos, the Downtown Project seeks to revitalize the downtown Las Vegas area, including the historic original strip (Fremont Street). That budget is set up to fund a number of important community initiatives…

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E:10 Incorporating Sustainability into Your Business

going-greenIn episode #10 Heather talks to Dave about Going Green and the simple things we can do as individuals and businesses to contribute to sustainability.  Over the last 10 years Vegas has made leaps and bounds.  The large corporations and casinos have come on board to make sustainability a priority and it’s been a hot topic and focus here in the Vegas valley.  Having worked in the events industry Heather was hard hit during the economy crash which facilitated her to find a way to incorporate sustainability into events and create a new niche

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E:09 Serve Up Some Passion and Persistence on the Rocks

nickmendozaimageIn episode #09 we have on our show a true entrepreneur who demonstrates persistence by sticking to his passion long enough to ultimately reach his goal. Nick Mendoza started out in his early years as a glass polisher and over time learned the art of bar-tending. He was fortunate enough to meet the right people at the right time who helped start his passion into the history of spirits. Over the years he continued his education by reading and was able to travel all over the world to research and further his education.

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E:08 Workforce + Higher Education + Smart Government Funding = Solutions for the Silver State

workforceIn episode #08 Dave speaks with Melissa Schroeder and Judy Turgiss about the DETR and the College of Southern Nevada and what they are doing with the Nevada Workforce Development Center.

• How the Department of Employment, Training; Rehabilitation helps in the role of Nevada’s workforce. • How the College of Southern Nevada is helping with the local workforce. • How the College of Southern Nevada and The Department of Employment, Training; Rehabilitation developed a partnership. • How the Govenor’s vision of bringing workforce and higher education together for Nevada’s employers. With help from Frank woodbeck, Dennis perea, Dan Douker • How they really dive into making sure your staff is trained, skills are updated, assessments are used as a hiring tool to help you find quality employees. • What is Work Keys and how can key train help you reinforce your work skills? • Is the Nevada Workforce Development Center Employer solutions driven? • How they offer resources with employers, free services for business, start-ups, free workshops working with the Government, etc.

E:07 Who is really affected by medical malpractice in the Las Vegas Area?

ShirleyBlazichimage In episode #07 Dave talks with Shirley Blazich a medical malpractice Defense Attorney at Alverson, Taylor, Mortensen and Sanders Law Firm. In this interview they discuss:

• Medical malpractice is a hot topic and what current issues are surrounding the topic now? • Non economic damages cap. • Is there an inability to see a doctor because of emotional damages? • Tort Reform and Medical Malpractice Caps. • Who is really effected by medical malpractice in the Las Vegas Area? • Dr.’s are human and errors can happen. • Professionals need to get all the details in order to help you. • Do Dr.’s have your best interest in mind? • Nevada has a one year statute of limitation on bringing a medical malpractice law suit.

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E:06 Bookkeeping- The Most Important Piece of the Accounting Process


In this episode Dave covers the following key points with Stephanie on the topic ofBookkeeping.

• Common mistakes business owners make • Tips on what you can do to keep your business accounting clean and separate from your personal finances • The importance of reviewing financial statements on a regular basis • Reasons why putting off financials until tax time can be harmful • Resources available for those interested in learning more about Quickbooks • The value in having a relationship with an accounting professional and how that will shape your relationship with the IRS

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E:05 Networking with the Latest and Greatest in the Las Vegas Marketplace


In this podcast we decided to take our show on the road and go to the 2014 Las Vegas Business Expo.  We did this in hopes of helping our listeners not only better understand the excitement this event brings for our local business community, but also to learn about some of the new and exciting things that are being brought to market by the businesses who were there.

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E:04 The Department of Taxation and the Resources They Provide


In episode #04 we have Gerry Perry from the Department of Taxation to talk about the various taxes they oversee and the tools and resources they have available to businesses.

In the interview Gerry goes into depth about Sales Tax and how it should be assessed.  Ultimately if sales tax is not properly collected it becomes the responsibility of the business owner.  She also touches upon Modified Business Tax which is benchmarked at $85K and has two rates, one for general businesses and other one for financial institutions.  Mining Tax, liquor tax, tobacco tax, live entertainment tax for non-gaming, medical marijuana tax are just some of the taxes they oversee.


Carole Vilardo from the Nevada Taxpayer Association is on our show today to talk about the ambiguities of the Margin Tax Initiative and the potential damaging effects it will have on businesses.

To give you a little history, the Nevada Taxpayer Association, NTA, was formed in 1922 as a statewide nonpartisan, non-profit research and advocacy association that is supported by its members.  It was formed to promote sound fiscal policies and to promote the taxpayer for responsible government with accountability and responsibility to any changes to taxes.


In episode 2, Dave Hall speaks with Dan Cho, Assistant VP at Robert Half Technology, about the pivotal role Information Technology plays for business owners and the challenges they face.

Dan provides some pointers when choosing an IT vendor.  He highly recommends you ask for at least 5 references, a CV/Portfolio and if it happens to be a new company ask how long their principals have been in IT and their respective CV/Portfolio.  When speaking with the provided references you should ask about the level of customer service, if issues are escalated as needed, what response time is like, and if their staff is personable.

kevinimage In this first episode Dave touches upon several key topics of collections and credit with collections attorney Kevin L. Hernandez.

• What is the Fair Credit Reporting Act and how does it apply to you as a consumer and vendor
• The importance of clearly outlining what the consumer will be responsible in the contract
• Advantages of going with a law firm to handle your collections
• How to assess the Cost Benefit of a debt collection
• The Telephone Consumer Protection Act and how it affects you as a business owner and consumer
• Tips on what you can to make sure your credit is in good standing