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E46: Building Businesses Across America


GUEST: Samantha Ballengersamantha

Co-founders and long-time couple Samantha Ballenger and James Miller started Network After Work in 2009.  Their complimentary talents have combined to propel the organization into America’s premier face-to-face business networking company with monthly mixer events in over 42 cities catering to more than well over half a million members.

Samantha Ballenger oversees event management for Network After Work.  She studied industrial organizational psychology before jumping into a marketing director career.  She held positions with companies ranging from Microsoft to a Las Vegas radio station.  Running local and large scale promotional events for companies like these honed her skills and have allowed her shape Network After Work events into the perfect environment for fun and easy business networking.


Have you ever thought it was a challenge to build a business in your own backyard?  Try building one in over 40 cities throughout America in less than 5 years.  That is exactly what James Miller and Samantha Ballenger have done with Network After Work.

In episode 46 Dave talks with Samantha about the process of going from their first event in Chicago, to where they are today.  Samantha talks about the journey and shared some great insights for anyone who is ready to go out and change the world.  She also shares some key insights on how each of us can get more out of any our next networking event.



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