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E15: The LVCVA Helps Make Las Vegas a Global Destination




Adrian Matanza is the Senior Director of Community Relations and Public Affairs at the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA). Before joining the LVCVA Matanza was the Regional Field Director for the Western United States of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Matanza was responsible for working with communities in the region and with various campaigns across the country.

Prior to joining HRC, Matanza worked with the Democratic National Committee, and the Nevada State Democratic Party working to reelect U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. While he calls Las Vegas home three months out of the year, Adrian travels the country working on pro-equality campaigns.

Adrian has a B.A. in political science from California State University San Marcos in Southern California. He enjoys spending time at home with his best friend and roommate, Michelle.


In episode 15 Dave talks with Adrian Matanza who is the Senior Director of Community Relations and Public Affairs at the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.  They talked about the important roll tourism continues to have on our local economy and how Nevada would be devastated were tourism to stop.

Adrian shared with us some of the great things the LVCVA is doing to help keep the organization as a global leader in destination marketing.  One of the big things that he believes has help the LVCVA get to where they are today is their relentless approach to research.  They went on to talk about how the LVCVA’s research can also help many of our local businesses, because so many of them are in the tourism industry.

The most exciting part of the show was when he said they are expecting to hit a record number of visitors this year.  Can you guess what that number is?


LinkedIn:  Adrian Matanza
Office: 702-526-7105
Email:  Adrian


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