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E40: Success in the Food Truck Business


GUEST: Andrew Schoenwetter22adc90

Andrew Schoenwetter made a business plan to start a gourmet grilled cheese food truck and got a couple of investments to start it up. They cater birthdays, weddings, sports events, office lunches, and participate in many local food events. A typical week for Andrew involves food purchasing, scheduling, networking, food prep and book keeping. While operating the truck he takes orders, makes orders, and at larger venues work with a team of 2-3 employees.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own a business that’s main focus is grilled cheese sandwiches?  Okay, probably not, but after you hear Andrew Schoenweter’s story of how he started Melteez, you hopefully will be one step closer to taking that crazy idea you have been working on out to the market.  In episode 40 Andrew shares with us his journey from his initial idea to a success food truck business.

Andrew talks about some of the challenges he had in raising the initial capital for his first truck and how for a period of time he had to settle with working out of somebody else’s kitchen.  This is a nostalgic story as they talk about a favorite food for many of us when we were kids that is now making a comeback in the adult food truck world.


Twitter: @Melteez
Locals Only
Favorite local restaurant? Other Food Trucks
Favorite place to shop? Costco
Local place for entertainment? Blind Tiger
What local business offers the best customer service? Acuity Solutions
What do you like best about doing business in Las Vegas? Great Events

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