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E45: The In’s and Out’s of Obama Care


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I have 14 years of experience in business management, accounting, taxation, and finance. I enjoy solving problems and make it my personal challenge to leave every organization I touch better. The most valuable services I offer help my clients see their future potential and provide them a road map to success. I help hold my clients accountable to their own expectations and together with my professional team I provide clients with a needed different perspective.I specialize in taxation and the regulatory environment including the recent health care reform in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Today the regulatory environment makes up a significant part of the overall business environment and more consideration should be given to its various aspects than ever before.


Are you confused about Obamacare and the effects it will continue to have on you and your business?  Then you are not going to want to miss today’s show.  In episode 45 Dave talks with Ben Smith who is the tax manager at Dave Hall Certified Public Accounts and Strategic Business Advisors about the in’s and out’s of Obamacare.  During the main part of the show Ben talks about the three main groups effected by Obamacare – the individual, the small business owner and the large employer and what Obama Care means to each of them.

Ben concludes the show by sharing some secrets of how individuals and business owners can take advantage of Obamacare to help limit the overall health costs of their employees.  This is a can’t miss show for all Americans.


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