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E12: Understanding Electronic Payment Processing 




Danielle Seales is a partner at MLS Direct Networking a electronic payment services company. A national co-op of independent business owners who specialize in providing cost effective electronic payment processing solutions. Danielle has spent almost six years with MLS and spent four years prior with Paychex. Danielle graduated from UNLV in Business Administration and Management.


In today’s show Dave talked with Danielle Seales from MLS Direct Networking, they are national co-op of independent business owners who specialize in providing cost effective electronic payment processing solutions.  One of the key things they discussed in todays show is the importance for every business owner to review their merchant service statements on a regular basis so they can better understand what they are being charged.  They both shared stories of business owners that were surprised when they found out they were paying thousands of dollars more in merchant service fees than they thought they were.

They also talked about how a business will be charged a different amount if they are processing a debit card than they will be if they are processing a credit card and why it is important for every business owner  to understand these differences.  They concluded the show by talking about new regulations that are scheduled to take effect in 2015, which will increase the liability to the business owner for personal information the business owner gathers when processing electronic payments.  If your business processes electronic payments, you are not going to want to miss this show.


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