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E20: Protect Your Three Main Assets


GUEST: David Howard3819aae

Professional Security/Intelligence Specialist- Agent Howard has assembled some of the finest Officers in the industry. All UOI Agents are Academy trained investigators and all of our patrolmen and woman are Nevada P.O.S.T. CAT I, CAT II or FLTC trained Officers.

Owner of UNITY ONE, Inc. – a NV State Licensed Private Investigation and International Trading corporation specializing in international asset protection and transportation along with Financial and Corporate Intelligence. Agent Howard and his teams have worked operations globally.

Accomplished Special Agent with OSI, investigator with the Nevada Attorney Generals Office and Licensed Nevada State Private Investigator with extensive experience in global operational and organizational development and leadership, enterprise management, cradle to grave project management and resource asset management.

Counterintelligence / Law Enforcement professional with over 22 years of extensive counterintelligence (CI) Counter Terrorism (CT) and Law Enforcement (LE) experience in the Department of Defense (DoD) – Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), specializing in Counterintelligence / CounterTerrorism operations and Management


In episode 20 Dave had the opportunity of talking to David Howard, who is the owner of one of the top security firms in our value, Unity One, Inc.  In this podcast they talked about the three main assets every business owner needs to protect, which includes their intellectual property, their physical property and their cash.David shared some very simple and inexpensive things that can be done to help protect each of these assets.

He also talked about the importance of background checks when hiring employees.  David said last year they did over 17,000 background checks and that 83% of them did not match up with the information the potential employee had provided the employer.  This is a can’t miss show, for those of you who want to rethink your way to prosperity.


Website: UnityOneInc
Email:  David Howard

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