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E24: Changing the Healthcare Landscape in Las Vegas (HEALS)


GUEST: Doug GeinzerDoug Geinzer

CEO of Las Vegas HEALS
Formerly the Southern Nevada Medical Industry Coalition

Doug Geinzer is a skilled and successful entrepreneur who was built and sold several businesses throughout his career.  Most of his success has been found in the healthcare, technology and employment industries  Today, Doug considers himself more of a social entrepreneur spending a significant amount of his time improving Southern Nevada’s health care infrastructure and positioning Las Vegas to become the most globally recognized health & wellness destination.

As CEO of the Las Vegas HEALS, formerly known as the Southern Nevada Medical Industry Coalition, Doug oversees their mission “To foster strategic alliances in the health care community, collaborating on workforce issues and being a proactive force for legislative initiatives to improve access and the delivery of quality health care in Southern Nevada.”

Doug has bee the recipient of many awards including Entrepreneur of the Year, Healthcare Hero, Innovative Business Leader, Top 40 under 40, “most influential” in employment and a ‘who’s who’ in healthcare.   He is the current president of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce’s Business Council and sits on the boards of numerous organizations.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Doug relocated to Las Vegas in 1993 to build a media company he later sold to Cox and Landmark Communications.  He sold a later business he developed to he Greenspun Media Company and is the founder of a new media company, Next Gen Med, that supports his vision.   He is married and is  raising a multi-lingual young daughter.  As an avid water sports fanatic, you will often find Doug stand-up paddling or boating on Lake Sahara.


In episode 24, Doug Geinzer, the CEO of Las Vegas HEALS (Health Education Advocacy Leadership of Southern Nevada), had the opportunity of talking with Dave Hall about a very exciting change that HEALS is bringing about in the Las Vegas market.  What HEALS is doing is working with a number of other organizations to turn Las Vegas into a medical tourism destination.

In the show Doug talked about how now is the right place and time to market our top notch medical services to the 40+ million visitors who visit Las Vegas each year.  This show is filled with exciting information about the strategic plan that has been put in place for medical tourism as well as information on how you can get involved yourself in changing the healthcare landscape in Las Vegas by joining HEALS.


LinkedIn:  Doug Geinzer
Phone: 702-952-2477

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