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E10: Incorporating Sustainability Into Your Business



Heather came to Vegas 18 years ago from Germany.  She graduated from UNLV with a degree in hospitality and fell into the F&B industry.  Coming  from Germany where recycling was incorporated into their everyday life and culture, it was a cultural shock to Heather to see how things ran in Vegas.  She is currently an independent event planner/project manager working with a portfolio of clients.



In episode #10 Heather talks to Dave about Going Green and the simple things we can do as individuals and businesses to contribute to sustainability.  Over the last 10 years Vegas has made leaps and bounds.  The large corporations and casinos have come on board to make sustainability a priority and it’s been a hot topic and focus here in the Vegas valley.  Having worked in the events industry Heather was hard hit during the economy crash which facilitated her to find a way to incorporate sustainability into events and create a new niche.  She found an area that was underserved but had a hard time peaking interest as a sustainable consultant.  She talks about the birth of Going Green Girl and how she utilized entertainment to help generate the awareness for sustainability in an effective manner.   She encourages businesses can take steps to implementing tangle practices to contribute to sustainability.  If businesses are mindful of their environment and take the extra step to incorporate some form of recycling into their programs from the planning phase it can make a big difference.  “You can’t do everything but you can do something.”


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Green Drinks - www.greendrinks.org
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