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E25: Group Benefits Are Back


GUEST: Jeff AllenJeff Allen

Jeff Allen is an account executive with a focus on healthcare reform and plan development & design. Jeff’s purpose is to find the best rate for his clients while matching the best quality coverage that attracts and retains employees. Jeff graduated from UNLV (Go Rebels!) and is a suffering Lion’s fan. His new favorite title is “Dad.”


In episode 25 Dave talks with Jeff Allen, who is a Producer with the Leavitt Group.  They talk about group benefits and how many businesses are bringing them back now because the economy is turning around.  Jeff talks about the three main reasons companies offer group benefits.  The first is because they want to grow, the second is because they want to retain their employees and the third is because they want to be nice.
They also talk about before you add any group benefits you should look at the benefit from the prospective of your employees.  There are two main things you want to be careful with here.  First, you want to make sure your employees will actually see the group benefit as a benefit and not a slap in their face because they envision the benefit as being cheep.  Second, you want to make sure the benefit is something your employees actually want and will use.


LinkedIn: Jeff Allen
Phone: 702-497-2372

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