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E48: Say Cheese! Setting Up Your Own Photo Booth Business


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Jil-Marie Borchers is Mrs. Las Vegas US Continental for 2015!  She was raised in Elgin, IL, in which she graduated high school in 2002. She attended LeTourneau University, graduating with a B.S. in Business Marketing in 2005. She was also very active on campus: Student Orientation Committee Leader, Student Government Committee Chair, and President of the Phi Pi Delta Society. As a Senior in college, Jil-Marie got her first pageant experience competing and winning the crown of Miss Black Texas 2005!

After college, Jil-Marie moved to Chicago, IL which she worked and met her husband, Daniel. 2013 was a fabulous year with lots of changes…. Moving to Las Vegas, getting married, and opening a family business. She is the proud owner of Celebrity PhotoBooth, a company providing portable photo booths to events of all kinds all over Las Vegas and surrounding townships. Jil-Marie enjoys motivating and coaching others to pursue their dreams and goals, being a guest on popular radio shows, networking and socializing within the Las Vegas business and social scenes, and helping others grow their businesses. She is a member and attends many organizations which support the local small business community; Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, Chicagoans in the Desert, Business Connections of Nevada, Cosmopolitan Connections, and the Urban Chamber of Commerce. When not hard at work or helping others, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Dan, and their puppies “Bam Bam” and “Pebbles”, two Chihuahua mixes. Jil-Marie also pursues many hobbies: figure skating, dancing, sewing, music, and assisting her husband collecting PEZ dispensers!! She also enriches her spiritual life by attending Mountain View Lutheran Church. Fun Facts: She used to drag race, loves white water rafting, dreams of vacationing in Europe, and likes fishing with her family. “Life is too short to not pursue your dreams. Whether you fail or succeed, trying is better than wondering about what could have been. Live your life so you never have to look back and play the ‘What If’ game.”          

-Jil-Marie Borchers


Say cheese!!  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to open a new business where you didn’t know anyone?  In episode 48 Dave talks with Jil Borchers who after moving to Las Vegas from Chicago decided to open her new business, Celebrity Photobooth. In this show Jil talks about how hard it was to get started in a city she knew nothing about, yet how amazed she was at how many people were there willing to help her.  She talks about why photo booths have become so popular at events, and why people find them so much fun to take pictures in.  After listening to to this episode you will have a whole new passion for your business.


LinkedIn: Jil Borchers
Phone: 702-830-0690

Locals Only

Favorite local restaurant? Windy City Beefs N pizza
Favorite place to shop? Town Square, Downtown Summerlin
Favorite local place for the best customer service? High Flyin Entertainment
What do you like best about doing business in Las Vegas? Personal Connections

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