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E28: Buying a Perfect Home in Downtown Las Vegas


GUEST: Karina GiraldoKarina

Karina Giraldo has been a licensed realtor since 2006. A native of Las Vegas, she lives in the McNeil Estates at present and as an active fixture in her community, she enjoys buzzing about downtown Vegas and enjoying its unique, rich history.

Her love affair with downtown Vegas has allowed her to specialize her real estate services for the area, but she also has a deep wealth of knowledge all over the valley and is happy to service prospective clients in that area as well.

Since 2011, Karina has been Zappos.com Realtor of Choice and she is a featured monthly writer in Zappos’ ‘Downtown Zen’ Magazine where she writes about anything from the current market trends to news and local happenings around town; an excellent resource for potential homebuyers to tap into current events and learn more about their wonderful community!

If you are buying a home for the first time, Karina also has a specialization in this field since most of her clients are first time homebuyers, but whether it is your first home or your fifth, Karina will help meet all of your real estate needs with a high level of customer service and a deep wealth of knowledge.


If you are looking for a new home and haven’t considered the downtown area, you are not going to want to miss this show.  In episode 28 Dave talks with Karina Giraldo, a native Las Vegan, who specializes on selling and leasing downtown residential properties. They talk about some of the exciting changes that are going on downtown and what the downtown area needs in order to be fully sustainable.

Karina shares with us some of the exciting neighborhoods that are downtown and how there is a neighborhood for everyone.  She talks about the improvements in shopping, dining and the public school system downtown.  She also talk about how downtown has become a great place for those who want to get more involved in their community and have a more active relationship with their neighbors.





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