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E16: Start Preparing NOW to Sell Your Business



GUEST: Jeff and Linda Nymanjeff nyman and linda nyman

Jeffrey D. Nyman born in London, England is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and co-founder of First Choice Business Brokers Inc. From 1989 to 1994, Jeffrey acted as an independent business consultant, assisting and training new business start-ups. Along with cofounder, Linda Hentges-Nyman, they originally established the company as Nevada First Business Brokers in 1994. In 2006 Jeff and Linda renamed the company and founded First Choice Business Brokers, a National Franchise with over 20 offices nationwide. Jeffrey is a member of the State of Nevada Real Estate Commission Advisory Committee and is co-founder and President of the Nevada Business Brokers Association. Since their inception in 1994, First Choice (formerly Nevada First), has sold over 1,000 companies for an aggregate transaction value in excess of $250 million USD. Linda and Jeffrey have hosted radio shows and conferences on the valuation and the buying and selling of businesses.

Since 1994 Linda Nyman has assisted Buyers and Sellers achieve their goals with successful transitions. For many the thought of selling their business is overwhelming on so many levels. Linda has the experience and skill to help mediate, navigate and create win-win transactions with Buyers and Sellers while keeping in mind that it is an emotional process for all parties. Linda is proud of not only her proven track record of satisfied clients, but more importantly, the relationships and friends she has developed over the years with her clients evidenced by the amount of referral business she does. Linda demonstrates that she is committed to her client’s success regardless of what stage they are at in their entrepreneurial journey; it is never too early to start planning. The specialization of business opportunity and professional practice sales is completely different than that of residential and commercial sales from the review of financials, business/practice valuation and confidentiality to the many important steps throughout the process. Buyers coming into the country on Visas also require special care and “know how” which Linda brings to the table on every International business purchase. No two business sales are alike; assisting buyers and sellers with their lenders (if any) through the transition process takes constant communication, special care and expertise that Linda has developed over many years with successful, smooth business sales and satisfied valued clients.


If you own a business, or are looking to own a business, you are not going to want to miss todays show.  In episode 16 Dave had the opportunity of talking with Jeff and Linda Nyman who are the owners of Nevada’s largest business broker, First Choice Business Brokers.  They talked about why “NOW” is the right answer for when you should start preparing to sell your business.

They also talked about some of the challenges that can arise if you elect to sell your business yourself and how damaging this process can be to your company.  The Nyman’s shared some great tips for both buyers and sellers to help both sides come to a win-win situation when the transaction is over.


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