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E09: Serve Up Some Passion and Persistence on the Rocks



Nick (Nectaly) Mendoza started out his career at Olives at the Bellagio Hotel where he developed his passion for the beverage knowledge by working with mixology legends like Tony Abou-Ganim and Michael MacDonnel from the Enigma Group.  He then moved on working with the Light Group for 9 years during the golden ages of nightclub where he was truly able to stretch is legs and implement a full beverage program.



In episode #09 we have on our show a true entrepreneur who demonstrates persistence by sticking to his passion long enough to ultimately reach his goal.  Nick Mendoza started out in his early years as a glass polisher and over time learned the art of bar-tending.  He was fortunate enough to meet the right people at the right time who helped start his passion into the history of spirits.  Over the years he continued his education by reading and was able to travel all over the world to research and further his  education.  In 2010 when he opened his restaurant, Herbs & Rye, Nick faced several challenges, loosing his brother to cancer being among one of them, but through it all he continued to persist.  He attributes a lot of his success to the dedication of his staff and the local community.  The love and pride they had poured into the business was showing a return and their business has now increased beyond their expectations.  Nick quotes “You have to care about what you do, you have to have the passion for it and it’s not something you can buy.”  With their main focus on customer service, Nick knows that they are not here to solely generate revenue but to leave guests with the dedication to come back to see the people.  Nick has several things in the works for the future including the possibility of expansion but is very cautious in making sure they might the right move.



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