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E35: Taking Your Business to the Next Level


GUEST: Olivier MorowatiOlivier

Olivier Morowati was was born into a family of chefs and
gourmands. His palette and love for food was cultivated by his parents.

The Morowati family enjoyed and cherished the time they spent in the kitchen and around the table discussing food and travel. Some of Olivier’s earliest memories were working in the kitchen of his parent’s restaurants.

Olivier passion for food landed him in the UNLV hotel management program where he earned his BS. Olivier has worked within the industry for fifteen years. He has held positions in multiple hotels and restaurants in LA and Las Vegas. Along with food, Olivier has always been interested in science.

An introduction to molecular gastronomy allowed him to merge his two passions. Olivier has shown his ambition and dedication to the restaurant business by working his way through the many positions. Olivier serves as marketing director and PR specialist at POPPED.


Are you ready to take your business to the next level, but still haven’t come up with that secret ingredient to take you there than you are not going to want to miss what Olivier has to say.  In episode 35 Dave talks with Oliver Morowati who is the general partner for Popped a locally owned and operated gourmet popcorn business.  Oliver shares with us how they use liquid nitrogen to help elevate the experience for their customers.

They also talk about what it takes to create a successful partnership and how there comes a time each partnership must be tested. You will find out how this experience was for Popped.  It’s now time to grab your popcorn and your drink so you can sit back and enjoy the show.


LinkedIn: Olivier Morowati
Twitter: @PoppedLV
Phone: 702-998-9234

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