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E06: Bookkeeping – The Most Important Piece of the Accounting Process



Stephanie White, the Director of Bookkeeping of Dave Hall Certified Public Accountants and Strategic Business Advisors, is a perfect example of hard work pays off. Stephanie started in the accounting field at the age of 18 and experience includes 13 years of owning and operating a small business accounting firm that focused on bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is all she has done professionally and to balance her analytical side, Stephanie takes time for her 4th love; photography. Stephanie is a wife and mother of two sons, 21 and 19, all Las Vegas natives.


In this episode Dave covers the following key points with Stephanie on the topic of Bookkeeping.
• Common mistakes business owners make
• Tips on what you can do to keep your business accounting clean and separate from your personal finances
• The importance of reviewing financial statements on a regular basis
• Reasons why putting off financials until tax time can be harmful
• Resources available for those interested in learning more about Quickbooks
• The value in having a relationship with an accounting professional and how that will shape your relationship with the IRS


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